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“I can see myself being a sales consultant until the day I drop…I just love it”.

Introducing Jeremy Wilkinson, director and house sales consultant. He is one of three owners of Harcourts Launceston, which is spread over three locations. Harcourts Launceston is known throughout the Launceston, TAS areas for having impressive houses and real estate available as well as an excellent reputation for property management in the area and more. Hyperactive by his own admission, Jeremy is a real estate agent well suited to the fast-paced environment of real-estate:

“I am running all day and there is always so much to do.”

Jeremy is a prime example of how loving what you do translates to career success. Though his humility prevents him from professing his personal achievements, Jeremy is one of the most respected agents in Australia. In six of the last ten years, he was named Tasmania's Number 1 Residential Sales Person in the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania, was named Number 1 Sales Person for Harcourts Tasmania for six of the last eight years, and was a finalist in the Real Estate Institute of Australia National Awards in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 ,2013 and 2015. However, Jeremy is quick to attribute his professional success to being part of a quality team:

“Harcourts is all about having brilliant people working for the company, whether in the sales division, the management division or the property management division. We dominate on all levels, locally, nationally and globally. I am surrounded by great mentors. When you’ve got good, happy people around you, the vibe just rubs off. Everyone is highly trained and highly skilled from within the organisation.”

Raised in Mildura, Jeremy moved to Melbourne for ten years after university. Trained as a scientist, the structure of study gave him a grounding in how to better communicate and enabled him to enhance his research skills. He worked for a Switzerland based company buying, selling and trading commodity, including laboratories and ships:

“I always loved the buying and selling process but I wanted to move faster”. 

Jeremy re-located to Tasmania fifteen years ago, after purchasing a house from the agent who would later become his business partner.  Now aged 45, Jeremy often wishes he had entered the real-estate industry directly from school. However, his previous career as a scientist, as well as his experience as the sole Australian employee in an (approximately) 600-person team taught him lessons which have proved invaluable in shaping his life as a real-estate agent:

"I worked with all different nationalities and developed my interpersonal skills.”

Jeremy believes that to be successful in the real-estate industry, you must be 100% driven and passionate. That advice is not surprising given his hectic schedule:

“I get up at 5am every morning to exercise, answer e-mails from 6:30am-7am before the three kids wake up, then I’m in the office by 8:15am and on the road from 9am or 10am.”  

Not an office-bound person, Jeremy is often traveling round Launceston until 6:30pm or 7pm, attending inspections or doing appraisals.  Though he is undoubtedly attracted to the ‘thrill of the chase’ and the ‘instant hit’ of a sale, Jeremy has come to realise that it is often the ‘slow burns’ which are the most rewarding:

“You get to know people - a lot of my clients will not talk to anyone else but me – and thus build a fantastic reputation and kudos in the marketplace, which leads to more referrals."

A devoted father himself, who is often the lone male helping at school sports carnivals, and has accompanied his children to AQUA concerts (on multiple occasions!), Jeremy greatly appreciates the family atmosphere of Harcourts:

“You can pick up the phone to anyone and they help you - the network’s insanely good. It has highs and lows but it only takes thirty seconds to get another high”. 

For him, the most rewarding part of his role as selling director is: “selling something for a great price to great people for great people.” His strong work ethic holds that money is simply a by-product of being a good person and doing your best. He sees Harcourts as getting bigger by the day.

Jeremy’s innate competitive streak meant that at a recent real-estate conference, he was struck by the quote: “If you don’t give up, you will win”. , Jeremy - and by extension, anyone who associates with him - is already a winner, and he is showing no signs of giving up yet!


Launceston is a popular place to be. If you're new to the area, don't get lost in endless house hunting. If you're looking for a property consultant and real estate agent you can trust, Harcourts Launceston led by Jeremy Wilkinson is the first place you should call. If you are buying your very own home, you can trust Jeremy with over 6000 happy clients already.






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Jeremy getting involved with the Harcourts Foundation

As a global organisation, being socially responsible is not a trend or a marketing exercise. In fact some of the world’s most successful people in fields as diverse as the arts, business, and politics have made huge changes to their lives in recognition of what it means to be in a position to help and the notion that we can all make a difference.The Harcourts Foundation has raised nearly $4 million since 2008, has assisted hundreds of charitable organisations throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA, and has helped literally thousands of people in need.There are currently more than 285 Harcourts Real Estate offices participating in the Harcourts Foundation Programme, donating a percentage of every property sale.

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