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My Team

Sharon Fenton - Sales & Business Manager for Jeremy Wilkinson


Sharon has been involved in Real Estate for over 17 years, with a variety of experience gained from administration through to sales. She enjoys being a part of a busy office with plenty of high energy, loving nothing better than bringing buyers together with the right properties or a succesful sales campaign for her vendors. 


Working with Jeremy now for four years, they have a great understanding and have created many positive experiences for their clients.  Sharon knows real estate is not really about houses- it’s about people!  


Her motto: Enjoy life, apologise when you should, let go of what you can’t change and keep trying to be the best version of yourself.  




Conall Cassidy - Buyers Agent for Jeremy Wilkinson


Conall joined Jeremy’s team in May 2019. Having only finished year 12 last year, he is keen to join the industry early and follow his passion. Conall believes that young agents provide a fresh perspective and are the future of the industry.


In 2018, Conall was first exposed to the world of real estate through the REIT School’s Auctioneering program and represented Tasmania at the Australasian title in New Zealand, where he met some of the best agents and auctioneers across both countries. Having developed a passion for auctioneering Conall now mentors current students taking part in the program and is taking the skills he learned in competition to real auctions.


At only 18 years of age, Conall brings an understanding of social media marketing to enhance the teams’ image and reach. He wants nothing more than to help buyers through the difficult process of finding a home that’s right for them.